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Applying Group Policy to Domain user

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So i'll admit is going to sound silly. But I'm also fairly inexperienced


TL;DR - Can anybody think of a way to manage the Group Policy of a Domain user? Critically without access to the Domains GP, and only affect the single Domain User


Essentially I have some 'Kiosk' PC's on a Domain where users use a shared Domain account as well as personal Domain accounts. and I want to apply a GPO to the shared account specifically and not the other users.

"Of course you can" you may be thinking

"Just use Group Policy" you may be saying under your breath.

Normally I would agree. Except I can't access the Domain's GP and I am never going to be able to. 


I'm looking for a fairly quick and dirty temporary solution until somebody else devs something else

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

So you can't control the domain or gp of the domain? Not much you can do then. Talk to the person in control of the GP. 

Yeah, no Domain admin access. Sadly I'm expecting there is no way to apply a GPO, I'm here as a last ditch effort.
Frustratingly, even finding out who to speak to discuss GP on the domain is somewhat of a challenge. It's a long story full of fuckery.


I may just say fuck it and apply a PC level GPO and people using their personal Domain accounts will just have to find another PC. The Domain doesn't really enforce any GP, so I'm betting on no conflict

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