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Pls Halp

i7 4770K only 2 cores? Please help!

Win+R > msconfig > Boot tab >Advanced > Uncheck Number of processors or set it to 8

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So recently i have seen that Speecy64 is no longer showing 4 cores 8 threads but instead 2 cores 4 threads. I have not seen a decline in gaming fps and exporting a video is as smooth as always BUUUUUUT when i go in cinebench R15 my performance is half as good as when i bought it (2018) basically getting 350 instead of 700 and i suspect that my cpu is only using half cores and threads, although i have not messed  with any BIOS settings since i got it and all of a sudden it changed to 2 cores 4 threads. I have tried reinstalling my graphics drivers at first (I know it has no logic but that is the only think i did to software recently) i have tried resetting bios settings and resetting values in registry editor and restarting several times as well as trying to unpark my cpu via 3rd party software but nothing worked and the most annoying thing is that i know the box and the specs and where i bought it from and it clearly said 4 cores 8 threads, even speecy recognizes my procesor name and details perfectly but only 2 cores and so does the task manager AND the third pary app says i have 4 cores unparked but only registers 2 as working. Help?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, C2dan88 said:

Win+R > msconfig > Boot tab >Advanced > Uncheck Number of processors or set it to 8

It worked, went there multiple times but didn't think of unchecking that box, ty

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