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x5650 no more overclock

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hi people i did post this into the graphics card section yesterday but only got one reply my system is spec are below and for some reson before i changed my gpu from a gtx 960 to an rx590 i was running the cpu of an oc at 4.3ghz with 1.34v all stable and working fine. Then i slapped the rx590 into her and now the oc dont even work or even a tiny oc i have to run at stock speed's. When i apply the oc and reboot my system it then starts up and the fans spin but i have no signal out put what so ever so then i have to clear cmos and run at stock for the signal to out put  as i say my system spec's are below and hopeing to find the reson to this before i brake her down a go ryzen. Also fogot to mention i did use the outervision psu calculator and was saying that.

Load Wattage: 532 W
Recommended UPS rating: 1100 VA
Recommended PSU Wattage: 582 W


750w psu recommended 


cpu: x5650 stock speed's now

motherbored: GA-X58A-UD3R

16gb ram

rx 590

7 x rgb fan

gamemax 240m liquid coller

1x 2tb hd

2 x 1tb

1 xssd

600w seagate psu  552w on 12v rail with 46a

1 x 80m fan on the north bridge as this get a bit hot haha

1 x fan controler


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