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Mobo for i7 9700k

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2 minutes ago, HellTheCRoss said:

What's the best motherboard for i7 9700k in terms of overclocking and great features? I'm willing to spend 200-300$.



The Aorus Elite, Pro or Ultra are good.

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I personally think the $300 mobos are a rip off. I would go for a board closer to $200 with good power delivery. As long as you have a good power supply and decent silicon quality, the OC gain from the 200 -> 300 boards should be very minimal. That is unless you are doing extreme OC. I can get my 9700k easily to 5ghz on my Strix Z-390i. 

Also keep in mind that the performance gain for the extra $100 spent on the motherboard would be minimal, while that same $100 could get you really close to a 9900k instead. 

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