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High power workstation: EPYC 7702p or TR3990?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone, 

I’m an MSc student at a lab that’s doing a lot of image analysis (each file can be over 100gb before processing). 
we just decided to buy a new workstation.

Now, our workload contains both single thread tasks and multithreaded tasks, and at the same time requires quite A LOT of RAM (at least 512gb). 
Here is the question, assuming money is not a factor, what processor should I choose? The EPYC 7702p or the threadripper 3990? 
I am aware that the TR can only have 256gb of ram, but I’m not sure what other high core count cpu has these clock speeds.. 

also, I chose 7702p since we won’t benefit from a 2 CPU config, but if anyone has a better single CPU in mind I’d be more then glad to hear.


lastly, I attached the full spec, and would appreciate any comments you might have. 

Thanks a lot! 






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Posted · Original PosterOP


but in this case, is there a way to gain the single core performance of the TR3990 on any EPYC (or Intel) CPU? 

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From what I have been told, the 3990x can not be fully utilized by Windows yet.

That said, you will have to choose which is more important, RAM or single core power and that will be your answer.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

would I be able to use unbuffered or load reduced RAM to get it to 512gb?

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