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How to OC a ThreadRipper CPU?

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You OC it as you would OC any other cpu.

Just raise frequency until it's not stable anymore, then you can bump up the voltage a bit.

Voltages up to 1.3625v should be fine for long term.

I've heard that 1.38v should be ok but don't quote me. You can go up to maybe 1.4v..1.42v but with very good cooling but over time the chip will degrade and weeks/months later, you'll find one day that the frequencies set can no longer be met and you have to lower by around 20-50 mhz


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3 minutes ago, mariushm said:

Voltages up to 1.3625v should be fine for long term.

no, no, no. its highly dependant on the chip. but at this point it seems you shouldn push above 1,325v it seems based on reports. 


12 minutes ago, JapanDave said:

Can someone point me in the right direction to OC'ing a ThreadRipper 3970x on a Asus MOBO?

you are likely to have more gain overclocking the memmory. some gains can be had on overclocking the CPU in highly threaded workloads, or when tweaking on a per ccx basis. 

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