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Will connecting a 3X2 and a 2X1 PCIE pin work?

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I recently bought a computer and it lacks a graphics card, my friend tells me for a RX580 armor X you need a 2X4 pin, can connecting a 3X2 and a 1X2 (image below) work together as 1 4x2, i also dont know if its compatible with my mother board or other parts, i dont know how any of that stuff works, i have a b450m DS3H MB, ryzen 3 3200G which relies on integrated graphics right now, and a 500 watt power supply, my case is massive so that isnt an issue, can anyone help?




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If they're coming from the same line, it's fine, it's designed that way to fit a 6 pin or 8 pin input. If they aren't coming from the same cable, it might not be fine and fry your GPU with some whacky voltage like 19v.


Regardless, we'd need the PSU model number to check.

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