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Have this memory gone bad?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have this 8GB RipjawsV 3000MHz CL15 ram lying around I used to use before I switched to another ram because it caused many BSODs throughout daily use on my ryzen rig. I did many things, bios updates and all but no luck so I used memtest86(might be writing it wrong) and it indeed showed many errors, so I switched. Now that it's laying around, I decided to sell it. Now the problem is I sold it once before to a guy with an intel processor, told him that it won't cause problems, but he sent me a pic of BSOD then he wanted a discount, like half the price, so I took it back, the matter is he could've lied and idk that. We once sent the ram to change it to where we bought it from and they had done some tests and told us that it was fine so didn't take it back. What I'm wondering is that, is the ram faulty? I don't trust the memtest because it was on my ryzen rig so I didn't test it in it's use case, an intel system. Ik writing long articles is not good but I needed to clear every part of the story so I can get proper help.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, Curious Pineapple said:

Throw it in the bin? You know it has issues so instead of trying to sell it on to someone and "telling them it wont cause problems", get rid or just give it away.

I need money :) The ram costs like 10% of the minimum wage here.

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-= Locked =-

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Yeah this topic is going no where.


Pretty much you have answered your own question.

You have 4 clear options;

  1. If the Ram is good then sell it and walk away.
  2. If the ram has possible issues, sell it "as is" and walk away.
  3. If the ram has known issues, sell it being open about it (transparency is always best).
  4. If you cant sell it or give it away for parts toss it and walk away.

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