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Mesh wifi setup

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've been out of the loop on mesh wifi systems for the longest time, but I am looking to finally outfit my house with a good wifi setup. I've been lookin at diferent options but i am having trouble differentiating real specs from marketing bs. Can yall give me some pointers on what to look out for. I need to span four floors and the bottom two are super crowded on 2.4ghz. Ive got cat5e running to every floor. Also I need the network to be able to handle at least 4 clients simultaneously. 

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Your setup is perfect for Orbi.  You can use your cat5 as a wired backhaul greatly improving overall performance.  Eero is the only other option IMHO, everything else on the market is inferior to those two.  Orbi has a janky app but better performance with all options available in the direct browser login.  Eero has a much more refined app but not quite as good of performance.  

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