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What features do keyboard customization software have?

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I only used cheap keyboards before and am thinking about buying a mechanical keyboard. I've seen some have GUI software to customize keyboard layouts. What are the features and limitations on these customizations? Is it possible to remap keyboard combinations such that you type a combination Ctrl + . and it sends the keys Ctrl + z to the PC? How do multiple layers work, can I use one layout in general and apply a different one automatically every time Ctrl key is pressed? Do keyboard manufacturers usually support Linux?


thank you

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Yeah you can create macro commands, some have extra keys on the side, I have one like it. Though you can program the keys to what you want. You can also have profiles, each having different set of macros. Not sure about Linux but I take it it should work. Some keyboards can be customized without software. Depends which ones and if there are limitations to it. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm a total beginner, any marketing catchphrases to search for so I can find some examples? Any particular manufacturer to look out for so I can find appropriate keyboards more easily? In regards to convenience features, can I, generally speaking, program it with anything I like?


On the technical side, I want to change some keyboard shortcuts system wide. The problem I have is that every application has it's own configuration and I don't want to change settings on each and every location. For example I cannot set cut & paste system wide. I have to change it on every damn program, like Firefox, Office, File browser, and some software doesn't allow to change it.


What I am trying to achieve is to make physically pressing  Ctrl + c no longer work as copy on any software whatsoever (and instead, using different keys). I don't want to use convenience features for this, it must use Ctrl key. I guess this can be achieved using profiles?

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