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Buying Electric Desk Frame and want a 40" deep table.

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Hello, I'm looking at something very specific for what I want. I like my monitor farther from me than what an average desk can supply. So I am looking at this desk frame, it is not available ATM but that is why I am here with this question in the first place. Here is the link: https://drop.com/buy/drop-lift-2-sit-to-stand-desk#overview


The width of the stand can reach as far as 73.6" and the supplied tabletop is 48" or 60" x 27.5" x 0.75". I want/will make a tabletop of 72" x 40" x 1". I am just afraid that with the extra 12.5" (45%) depth from 27.5" to 40" that the table will lean backwards when weight is added to the rear. A ~14lb arm mount, ~28lb monitor, ~50lb computer, and other accessories will be placed mostly towards the rear of the tabletop. I want to figure out if the table will support this from standard wood that you can find from Home Depot, etc.


Please ensure that you understand what you are saying before giving an answer. Thank you for reading.

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I would look into affixing any top to the base to extend, not sure of the materials but adhesive might work, as would screws, or even clamps as a less permanent solution.

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