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Asus Rog Theta 7.1 sound card help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Since I bought these headphones I've been using my Rog Maximus XI Heros usb c input to power these headphones. 

To me they just feel like they are under powered. With 4 individual 30mm speakers in each headphone I feel like they should blower my ears wide open but at full volume they sound underpowered. They have potential but lack the power to provide really high quality sound. 

Can anyone reccomend a good sound card to hook these into? I havent been able to find a card with a usb c input. 

Or am I doing something wrong? 

I have an additional usb c plug in on my rtx 2080, is that worth trying? 

These headphones are so new that it's impossible to find any info for them.


Any advice is appreciated!

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I'm no expert but the fact that they are usbc to me means they are meant to be driven by portable devices and have an amp and dac built into them because of that meaning it's already getting the correct amount of power to sufficiently drive them so if it isn't a setting on your PC causing the volume to be limited I'd say your already getting all that they have to offer.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It uses Asus Armory 2, which ive read mixed reviews about. It also comes with a usbc to usb a connector. Ive tried that and it doesnt seem to be helping at all. Im also wondering if I forgot to install my mobo's audio drivers. Im going to try some more digging around but from what I can remember it involves installing the armory crate which I will not do because of alllll of the behind the scenes installs it does on your computer. 

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Those have an internal amp. Unfortunately, what you get is what you get.


IMO, return them. They're really bad headphones for the price and there are options that would walk all over them for half the price.


The whole 4 drivers per ear thing is also a complete scam. You only have 2 ears. Surround sound works in the real world because of speaker distance and how sound bounces around an environment. Cramming 4 drivers on each ear doesn't achieve any of that. Virtual surround with a regular pair of headphones is vastly superior for positional audio. 

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