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Acer Nitro 5 AN 515-54 vs Dell G3 15 3590

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone.


I'm currently visiting Singapore and need to get a laptop, since I don't have a shipping address and my hotel won't receive packages in my name I'm stuck shopping from physical stores.


I'm looking for a 15.6" budget gaming laptop to play stuff like MMOs (WoW, FFXIV) and some other not as intensive games.

Also planning to do some basic programming  and school work on it.


It would be really nice if I could end up able to use Linux on top of win10 but not 100% required.


Portability and "professional" looks are not a factor.


I'm currently trying to decide between these 2 laptops:


Acer Nitro 5 AN 515-54 

DellG3 15 3590


They both have almost the same price at ~S$1300 and the same configuration of i5-9300h, gtx1650, 8GB RAM, 512Gb SSD (in a M.2 slot I think), 60hz 1080p display


The major differences are 2x M.2 slots on the Acer vs 1x for the Dell, and the lack of SD card reader on the Acer.

The extra M.2 slot would make me lean towards the Acer.


Would I go wrong with any of these two?

Are there some known issues with the models I'm unaware of?


In short, which one would you guys recommend?

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The G3 has better cooling, better durability and an is an overall slightly better machine

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