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Hey Everybody.

Sorry For My Bad English.


I have an old Asus P6T (non SE) X58 Motherboard.. i know it is a really old pc but it still can play modern AAA titles without any issue.. but recently when i purchased new x58 mobo because my old one died it has a weird issue.. this mobo bios is glitched out.. they are soo laggy and also i think it makes my pc to not post some times and then i have to clear CMOS.. i am sure my overclocking is stable and also without overclocking the problems remain same.. i have changed my processor, ram and graphic card but the problem still same..the problem is only with the bios because when the system turns on it remains stable and does not do any weird thing.. i found peoples flashing asus p6t bios on p6t deluxe i wanted to know can i do the same thing? because i tried flashing the same bios again but the problem remain same.. i flash the older bios but the problem still remain same.. and 2 things that makes me think that it is definitely my bios which is doing some wierd thing is that the title bar of my bios does not animate like other same motherboards.. and when i flash bios with asus ez flash it glitch the colors of that until i restart my pc..

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