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Buyer after a mouth writes me, saying that he didn't got the product

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I'm getting seriously pissed about these guys, they seems to be everywhere 


However short story, on eBay I resell some games keys, I send them via email; this guy contacted me a while ago saying that he didn't got the mail, I replied to him to check the spam box, and that I resented to him a second mail, he replies thanks, and everything seems to be ok 


Now after a month recontact me, by insulting me, and threatening me that he will call ebay today, since I've scammed him and that I'm bitching with him


I mean wtf, after a month? Only now you write about it? 

I literally writed like that to him, but I had that if he would like to bitch himself like that, he is welkome 

Ok.. Maybe I should sayd that, but I'm getting pissed on these scam guys, they seems to be everywhere 

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Thats the problem as a seller on ebay.

Plus you gotta do all official messaging/communicating through official channels so there is a record, hence ebay messenger.

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-= Locked =-


This is better suited as a Status Update.

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