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Watercooling monitor (for leaks)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I like to leave my PC running unattended and that would be fine but having built a custom loop into it and seeing some videos of leaks on youtube I started to wonder.


Could I combine a level switch like this in my tube res:




With one of my spare raspberry pi's powered from a USB port on the PC to send a shutdown command if the fluid level drops, hopefully shutting down the PC and pump if a leak occurs.


Anyone done similar?

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11 minutes ago, BinaryShadow said:


I had a little think and yes, it's not a bad idea although it only protects your system under a set of rare occasions since it can only detect the leak after it has leaked (i.e. non-preventative):


The system has leaked, but has not sprayed the system components yet, and so still has time to respond to a shut down (otherwise it will probably have shut down/fried already beyond control).


As somebody who leaves multi-gpu watercooled workstations on and under load almost 24/7 I take extra case in controlling fluid temperature and scheduled routine maintenance to make sure fittings, o-rings, and petg tubes are not compromised so that I can do what I do.

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33 minutes ago, Stu_Bear said:

When I first read the title of this thread...I thought he meant "watercooling a monitor"...I have to assume someone is going to do it now that I think about it.

Water cooling everything in the office pt. 1

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32 minutes ago, GrockleTD said:

Water cooling everything in the office pt. 1

"Today on LTT, we watercool a red Swingline stapler! No burning the building down for this one!"

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