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Laptop cpu stuck above base ghz

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I have an alienware 13 r2 with an i7 6500u cpu and GTX 960M GPU. I have it on performance setting in the bios which enables it to turbo the CPU, standard limit is 2.5-.6ghz but now it keeps it stuck at 2.5ghz-3.1ghz even when idling. This gets the laptop hot when surfing the internet and really drains battery when not plugged in (usually I use a laptop cooler underneath but not when surfing web so the temperature becomes an issue). Is there a way to make this turbo adaptive? I used throttle stop to force disable the turbo boost and powersaver mode which does really lower the cpu ghz used but battery life is barely improved somehow, not sure if there are other performance settings in use that would cause this.


Before anyone tells me not to have it on turbo my temps are fine when playing games, I've even overclocked the GPU at the same time manually with MSI afterburner and my temperatures only reached 54C with both and game performance drastically improved. Went from Doom being unplayable on High-Ultra and now it can run 40-50fps fine or 60fps all the way on Medium with V-Sync.


This laptop is getting old its banged up with all of the vent plastic rungs broken out actually might even be helping the airflow, if there is a way to increase turbo limit past 3.1ghz that would be great to know as well, i've got some room for higher temps and looking to get the alienware graphics amplifier to remove bottleneck from GPU if I can get some extra life out of this laptop for Doom Eternal.


Thank you for any replies, I apologize for the length

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