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using a cap of isop alcool for anti bactarial in a custom loop

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Ye was wondering if using a small cap of isop alcool in a custom loop is way to prevent algea and other bacterial thing in it

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If you leave anything in isop long enough it will dissolve. Likewise I would think, even a small amount, would deteriorate certain things inside the loop over time and cause sludging.

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5 hours ago, the0ttoman said:

Ye was wondering if using a small cap of isop alcool in a custom loop is way to prevent algea and other bacterial thing in it

Acrylic/plexi will crack at the relevant antibacterial concentration, otherwise it will not have biocidal effects

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OMFG!  There are so many biocidal fluids and water soluble chemicals out there it makes me wonder if you guys are able to find your butt with both hands.  You need to think out of the box.  This stuff aint magic, and it is so abundant.   The loop is so small that a drop or two of millions of chemicals from many sources will stop any growth and is not (necessarily) dangerous to humans or animals in such small concentrations, and will not harm your plastics and metals.  If you go looking for "biocides" or whatever, you are limiting yourself.  And there are tons of natural biocides.  I bet you have lots of them in your house in your cleaning stuff and medicine cabinet and yard chemicals and motor chemicals.  


And of course you are washing your parts with distilled water before you put them together to remove any foreign matter.  And using fresh distilled water in the loop.  Costs about a buck a gallon at most decent stores.  If your loop is clean from the beginning, you should not have any growth anyway!  Right?  But why take any chances?




Carry on!


Anybody own an aquarium? Bwahahah...

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