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I'm thinking of applying liquid metal to my MSI GE65 9SF...

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My model has the following specs:

- i7 9750H

- RTX 2070

- 32 GB RAM

- 240 Hz screen


I applied Artic MX-4 recently and with most games my CPU temps are ok (70-80ºC) but for some reason Apex Legends specifically, which is by far my most played game, puts my CPU in the 90-95ºC range, I've even seen it briefly go to like 97ºC in MSI afterburner. It's absolutely insane. It's also the only game that makes my CPU drop below 4 GHz (drops to ~3.7 GHz). GPU temperatures have always been fine btw, that's not a problem at all. Also, I have a -120 mV undervolt applied via ThrottleStop.


Sooooo I'm thinking on applying Conductonaut. How dangerous is it really? I take my laptop to class every day, and then I put it on my desk at home and leave it there all day. I've read that LM can leak with movement, is that a thing? Or does that only happen if I put too much?


Should I put electrical tape around the CPU and GPU die? How much?


Another option would be to just switch to Kryonaut, but I'm not sure if that would make a big difference vs MX-4.


I have experience repasting and the process of repasting in itself is not a problemfor me. Liquid metal is new to me, tho.


Oh, and I've also read that not all heatsinks will deal well with liquid metal. So here's a pic of my heatsink:





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