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What happens to my windows license when I upgrade!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

looking at upgrading my haswell system reusing some parts and building a second rig from the scraps for a HTPC.


Currently I have a 4790K with 2X 2TB Sata SSDs (one of which has windows installed)


Now when I upgrade it will be new processor,MB,Memory, AND a m.2 nvme that I want to have the windows install on.


Now I want to just keep the 2 sata SSD(formatted) with the new build and just buy a cheap SSD to hold windows for the scrap build.


What happens with my window licenses if I build the comps this way?  Can I get away with just buying one more key or will each need a new key?

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Windows can usually migrate to different pieces of the PC. You can watch linus tech tips video does linus pirate windows and you will see

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