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How tight should my laptop CPU Cooler screws be?

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I have a gaming laptop (Acer Predator 17X GTX1080), I want to put a better thermal pad or paste on the CPU but I don't want to accidentally tighten the screws too much during reassembly. The screws have a spring over them, but what is the rule of thumb for tightening it and what else should I watch out for? I'm aware that Laptop cooling can be a bit weird, but my thermals are getting too high and I already tried cleaning out the fans and heatsinks but its still hot, 85+ C. I also have an external fan blowing into the intake of the laptop, not much help.

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The manufacturer should have torque numbers for that one.  Laptops are not desktops.

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I've used same method as with desktop screws. By hand and until they are tight, then 1/4 rotation more. Laptops have more screws and much tighter space so you can't close it if things are too loose.

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