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Battlefield 5 DX12 stuttering

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I dont no is this place to make topic but seem it is :D

My processor is ryzen 1600 and videocard RTX 2060 super, got and 16GB ram 2400mhz and using latest video drivers.

On Battlefield 5 got heavy stuttering when use DX12 and this is even without ray tracing, kind a no difference ray tracing on or of, stuttering is so heavy almost unplayable with DX12 and this is now not talk for early problem people get with Battlefield release.I dont have such problem with any else game.

When I put DX11 there no any stutter game work perfect.

Anybody have idea how to fix this because is kind a waste to not play with ray tracing is not life or death problem but is annoying?!

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