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Stuttering and powerloss

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all,

My pc occiasionaly becomes unresponsive for a few seconds with a strange sound form the speakers. kind of like audio from a slo mo video maybe or when a CD has scratches in it? Previously the system would sort itself out and then be back to normal within 5 to 10 seconds but recently it shuts down very quickly before restating, as though the power has been cut. this happens apparently at random during gaming or light load such as internet browsing. The system is a prebuilt lenovo t730, although its way out of warranty (Specs below). If anyone has any ideas/ similar experience then please let me know!


CPU: i7 8700k

GPU: GTX 1060 6GB

Ram: 16gb Corsair Vengence LPX

PSU: lenovo 550w

Motherboard: lenovo

Storage: 1x256gb nvme (boot drive) 1x 2tb HDD 1x 4tb HDD


So far i have tried:

- checked all cables are fully connected

- bios and all drivers are up to date

- removed the custom fan curve for gpu set in afterburner

- monitored temps, all normal max at around 75-85C under load and this doesnt coincide with times when the issue occurs


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17 minutes ago, CantCompute said:

prebuilt lenovo t730

Could be anything

- a virus, get a free anti virus and scan, d/l malwarebytes and scan it, ms defender

- could be a bad power supply

- could be a loose connector

- could be dust inside the case

- could be moisture


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check in task manager if anything pulls high cpu when it happens?

read system logs if there are any error msgs that needs to be dealt with. 

update all drivers from lenovo and nvidia. you probably have lenovo vantage in start menu, use it to update drivers and bios.



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