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frequent freezes shortly after launch windows

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Most of the time that i launch windows, the first time it will freeze, but the 2nd time without fail it will work. Also, if I leave it on the login screen and don't log in immediately, it will still freeze. I suspect that it may have to do with mozilla. That after a proper shut down, mozilla saves all my tabs and the next time i launch the computer, it immediately opens all the tabs and that causes the computer to crash. But after that crash, the 2nd time around, mozilla doesn't open all my tabs immediately and waits for me to prompt it to try to recover my previous tabs. Another weird thing that I have noticed, that I'm not sure if it is anything or not, is that the first time i windows launches, the password box isn't open; I first have to press a key to open the box, then type the password, but on my 2nd attempt, the box is usually open immediately and I can just type the password. I'm not sure why this is and if it could have anything to do with the freezing. ALso, the amount of tabs I have open that could be causing the crashes is probably 15-25.


edit to include specs:



32gb of ram

256gb m.2

1tb m.2

2 tb sata ssd

8tb hdd

750w corsair psu

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