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Headphone, Mic, and DAC/AMP setup

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I am trying to upgrade my headset setup. Currently have HyperX cloud headphone/mic.


I want a new headphone, mic and if needed a dac/amp for under $200. What would be a good setup. 

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Closed back, my goto is the Audio Technica ATH-M50x (or M50 or M50xBT) if you are set on a closed back.

Pretty decent sound, durable enough (mine lasted about 9 years before the headband cover started flaking apart, still sounds good though), and flat earcups to mount your Modmic or V-Moda Boom Pro that you will need for this setup. That or you can go with any of the others that utilize a single cord and hang off of the cable connection on the M50x.

The difference between the M50 and the M50x is that the X has a removeable cable and the standard M50 does not. M50xBT is Bluetooth5, and also supports a line in connection like the standard M50x.

It isn't the flattest set, but it sounds pretty good for the price, and really the only way i can get you under $200 with good quality sound and a mic.

For an open back, I am really liking the Philips Fidelio X2HR. Sounds as good as a Sennheiser HD58X but is a single standard cable connection and cheap enough to still be able to afford a Modmic or VModa Boom Pro. It leaks some sound though.

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