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Windows Settings Crashes When I Select Sign-in Options

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello LTT Forum,


Ever since some time in the last few months, I have experienced an error in Windows 10. This is not the one where it doesn't show anything at startup when it asks me to sign-in, if some of the people might be thinking. It's about the Settings app in Windows 10.


My Situation: Basically, I want to change my PIN and my sign-in settings, in Windows 10. Since they removed all of that from Control Panel, I am not able to change it there.


My Problem: Whenever I want to change a sign-in setting, I would have to click the "Sign-in options" tab found in Windows Settings>Accounts>Sign-in options. However, as soon as I click that tab, Windows Settings would freeze, and nothing would happen. The only thing I can do is close out of Settings.


Taking a quick look at Task Manager shows me that whenever I click on the tab, it would immediately suspend Settings, and all CPU and memory usage of the app will be suspended in action, hence why my screen looks like it stopped midway.I don't know what the problem is, and I've scoured other forums, which said to change some Services to manual, that didn't help at all either.


Does anyone, by any chance, have a solution to this problem, without having to reset my computer? I do not want to lose my data, and I know you can back it up, but it would just be a pain in the ass.





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