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Help with bedroom audio

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So my wifes grandparents live with us and are hard of hearing. They have the TV really loud at night in their bedroom the rest of the family and also them as well would love to figure out an audio solution to have speakers on their headboard without having to run cabling across the floor to their bed. Does anyone know of a cost effective solution that would work? As long as they can watch gold rush and their programs it does not need to be the highest of fidelity just a means to an end. 


Tldr headboard wireless TV speaker ideas plssss

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directional speakers


and put foam behind their beds 


or just buy bluetooth speakers and put them right behind their heads.

.Waiting for intel 7nm, navi 23, zen 11...



Updated: Too long ago

Alienware 17r5


500D SE/3600/1060 STRIX VERTICAL/AG352UCG6 120hz 1440p gsync ultrawide / TOO MUCH RGB

A few negligible workstation builds

Gaming Routers are Stupid

I have a RGB Problem

/pcmasterrace /widescreenmasterrace


Audiophile, EL8 Titanium go to drivers for weight to performance ratio.

Music Setup Cubase 10 PRO, Adam A8X, Adam Sub8.


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im not stupid your stupid calling me stupid stupid

Why are you still reading this this is prob all wildly outdated as i just found out how to change signature and ill prob never be bothered again hahahahhahahahaa.


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Idk how many lines this is im not counting im prob breaking rules #rebel

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A denon HEOS system can do that. Its similar to sonos but you can make stereo paired speakers and their HEOS 1 speakers can be easily wall mounted

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