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graphics card died from psu failure?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I’ve purchased all the parts to my new computer build about a month ago that I build 

I5 9600k

2070 super

ddr4 3200mhz ram

2tb hdd

ive come across so many issues with this build first my psu (Cx750 W Corsair) came in broken it could no boot up to windows because a issue with the power supply I never understood. After that problem of getting a new psu after I downloaded a bunch of games I notice a lot of them stutter with mostly apex legends and gta with very long stutters around 5 to 10 seconds long which really affects gameplay I’ve notice that I get lots of micro stutters when I move my mouse especially it also sometimes stutters in windows and normal internet browsing. I’ve tried everything from over clocking the processor and GPU to try and fix these stutters. The other big problem is when i play gta 5 I usually get 80 to 75 frames with my GPU which is insane and I drop to 57 to 40 games when it’s hard and intensive like mountains with lots of grass and objects moving around. I’ve tried running the program in widowed mode to see if it had something to do with temps but I notice that my GPU stays at 1% usage when in game on gta 5 which is so weird I really would like help with this since I been just in the back of my head for the past month.


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5 hours ago, NUTSnCHICKEN said:

notice that my GPU stays at 1% usage when in game

What software you used to check it? 1% is really low and a bit unrealistic

   @Whiro tag or quote will do the trick 
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