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Add animations to site

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Hello forum!!

My sister did this website animalastral.com in Wix and searching through the internet she found a website called wearezizo.com and nathan.tokyo. She was fascinated with these animations.

She was wondering how these are made and if it possible to "replicate" and add them to her website.

So the questions would be if it is possible to add them to her website and with which program/s should be done?
Any tutorials in particular to keep in mind or any would suffice?

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The nathan's site is his portfolio essentially. Best way to ask him directly, but looking at his repository, most are just HTML5+CSS. You can use JavaScript etc. too. Takes A LOT of learning, but people who are good at this can do really amazing stuff.


The site linked at Nathan's page (CodePen) is place where people share their work. As site already gives code out for free (as in credit the original creator), thats good place to start learning.

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