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Logitech G933 wireless adapter works with Logitech G935 headset!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys, not a question or discussion here, just trying to post this on the internet for the next person that is looking.


I recently went on a business trip with my Logitech G935 headset. I use THIS USB-C to USB-A adapter to plug the wireless adapter into my phone. Anyway, getting to the point I accidentally left the adapter in our rental car. No problem, I lost the adapter for my older Logitech G933s before and just bought a new adapter from logitech's site. HOWEVER Logitech does not sell the adapter for the G935s! I still had my Logitech G933 laying around so I tried to pair the 933 adapter to my 935 headset AND IT WORKED!!!!!


TLDR If you lose your Logitech G935 wireless adapter just buy one of the retally available G933 adapters and it will sync up. It wont fit in the ear cup holder, but I never use that anyway.



Just a follow up. I called Logitech support and they shipped me a new adapter for free. So that's an option too.

Please "Quote" me if you want me to see your response.

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