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i am considering buying a new screen, help thanks.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, i wanna start this post off by showing you my PC information so you can help me find a good screen for it.

My graphic card GTX 1050.

Intel pentium gold g5400.

8 GB, Ram.



Right now i got a 2-4 years old screen that's from Asus its 1980x1080 2k. I be considering buying  a new screen mostly beacuse of the reason to watch Netflix at 4k, that would be good but can my PC even handle that?

but as i said i mostly want 4k to watch movies netflix etc.i am considering buying this one, kinda expensive but i am considering it.


I do play some games aswell, csgo, rocket league etc. (Norwegian link, but you can see the specs)




specs of the screen i wanne buy.  https://www.komplett.no/product/1135613/datautstyr/skjermer/skjermer/asus-28-4k-gamingskjerm-vp28uqgl#technical-details


Thanks for all help, means alot.

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The GTX1050 can handle 4k video playback (even the 1030 can) but I don't know how gaming would work at native resolution.



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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, IrishJ said:

The GTX1050 can handle 4k video playback (even the 1030 can) but I don't know how gaming would work at native resolution.

Thanks alot, finally good answer!

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THE 1050 could possibly be an issue depending on the amount of memory size it has.  There are 1050s with different amounts of memory.  4k video needs memory.  Also codecs could be a problem. The cpu is fairly fast 2/4. Which could barely handle grinding some video codecs.  Newer ones might be a problem.  I vaguely recall someone saying the very latest one had wild hardware requirements for 4k.


arkintel specs for your CPU



If there is a problem one thing that could be maybe tried is adding memory and running the 4k monitor off the iGPU, and using the 1050 and the smaller monitor for gaming.  Still don’t know about the codecs though.

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Video play back should work fine afaik, also 4k to 1080p should downscale good so you'd be able to game at 1080p fine.


My two cents if you care: Personally I wouldn't necessarily do it since 4k only makes sense on big monitors while 1080p only makes sense on small monitors, so either you buy a small 4k screen where you can't really take benefit from 4k or you buy a large 4k screen where your games will not look as good since you're stretching 1080p on a large monitor.

That's just my opinion though, I'm sure lots of people disagree with me.

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