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My headset's microphone is making a bassy/electric noise

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone! 


My headset's microphone has randomly started making a very loud electrical/bassy noise. I found it out by recording a video and by recording on Audacity.

Now I would like to know if there are any solutions to fix my microphone.


I would be happy, if got an answer.


(I attached a recording of the noise)

(I am very sorry for my bad English grammar, English is not my main language).

My Bassy Microphone Noise.mp3

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Is this all the time or just in games? 


It sounds an awful lot like if I don't plug my source cable for my amplifier all the way in, or touch the metal connectors to something else that is metal, like the legs on my desk. make sure the connector is plugged all the way in, and try unplugging and replugging it. if your case has front audio as well as rear audio, try both. I'm thinking grounding issue. 

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