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How do PCI-E slots share bandwidth? Not sure how to read mobo manual

The case should have clearance above the gpu, all cases have that slot, its part of atx spec


Doesn't matter what slot they go in, the gpu will always have x16

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So I recently got a mobo/CPU/ram upgrade, and am going to install it all later tonight, but I'm having some confusion on using multiple PCI-E slots, and the motherboard manual isn't very helpful. (Maybe I just don't know what to look for?)


I'm going to a new ASUS STRIX B450-F, and want to use 4 slots of PCI-E. 1 for my GPU (RX580-8GB), 1 for a capture card (HD60 Pro), 1 for a soundcard, and the last for a wifi card. My question is if I install the GPU onto the 1st PCI-E x16 slot, does it matter which slots the others go in, since they are all PCI-E x1? I've attached the relevant pages from the motherboard manual, but I'm not sure how to read the speed charts.


I could just put the GPU into PCIE_X16_1, and put each of the x1 cards into PCIE_X1_(1-3), but I'm not sure if I have clearance in my case to use one of the x1 slots above the GPU. So I'm thinking of using either PCIE_X16_2 or PCIE_X16_3 for one of the x1 devices, but I don't want to limit the speed of PCIE_X16_1 for my GPU down to x8 or x4 speeds.


Let me know if any of you have any insights, curious to know more on how these slots share bandwidth.



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It shouldn't matter because your pcie cards are using x1 and if you plug it into a x16 it will still only using x1 because it has that many pins. It shouldn't make a difference to your main x16 slot though.

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