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Jamison Daby

Apple Finally Buying AMD CPUs? Pointers to Ryzens Found in MacOS Beta

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OMG that would be awesome. I mean the MacPro is basically fkd by TR systems now and also apple must be pretty pissed at intel for not delivering on 7nm and the mobile chips. The whole reason why the new 14inch MBP wasn’t introduced with the 16“ is limited supply form intel i guess.

AAAAND apples reason why to switch form PowerPC to intel was perf per wat. That’s what Steve Jobs told.... soooo yeha RYzen would be awesome.


Maybe the MPB 14“ will be based on Ryzen Mobile 4xxx? ? 

Exciting times for mac users. Also this will help to get a Hackintosh on AMD!

I mean it can be done now but its hard work and still kinda funky

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38 minutes ago, 404usrnmntfnd said:

Finally, Apple is siding with team red

Yeha well on the GPU side they already do. But hence there being no high end competitors form AMD thats also bad for the Mac Pro...

HELP the LTT F@H TEAM FIGHT COVID-19!! Its easy: 


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