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Question on mPCIe to USB C for a docking station

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi All,


 I have a quick question on a laptop modification I am working on. Is it possible to use a mPCIe to USB C card in my laptop and use the USB C connection to connect to a docking station with display and peripherals. The card is question would be something like this. 



A quick background. 

I am new to building or modding PCs and I am working up my courage by modfying an old laptop I own a Lenovo Z580. 

The intention is to convert it to a full time desktop and have a docking station that can swap between this and another laptop as required. 


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
On 2/7/2020 at 10:49 AM, SupaKomputa said:

Yes you can use that, but not for display i think, as it won't have thunderbolt support.

Why do this? Doesn't it has enough ports?

Yes it has enough ports. But I don't want to keep disconnecting the HDMI cable etc every time I want to swap between my office laptop and personal one at my desk. I was considering the hybrid usb c usb a docking station from Lenovo but they clearly state the usb a doesn't work for HDMI output. 

So I'm looking at alternatives now. 

Another alternative I am thinking about is using a KVM switch with one input connected to the Lenovo Z580 and the other input connected to a USB C hub permanently. When I need to connect my office laptop I use the USB C input. I think this is feasible and not too difficult. But it does mean that I purchase an additional piece of equipment and more wires. 

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Theres no other way to connect display other than the hdmi / vga port. Usb c is not a magical port, if it doesnt have connection to the gpu it wont have display output.


Kvm need a display input too. Meaning you still need to plug display cable to the laptop.

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