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I think I accidentally bent the CPU Socket pins on my motherboard. Please HELP!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Last week, I was getting my motherboard cleaned in order to sell it in my local second hand marketplace in my country. Of course everything was really dusty, the CPU socket seemed like it had the most dust on it. So while I was cleaning it with a microfiber cloth, I think I accidentally slightly misaligned a few pins.

They look like they would still touch the contacts of the CPU, but I don't know and don't want to risk it at all.

What's my best way to unbend these pins? I can get a magnifying glass as I've heard those things help out a lot in identifying which ones are bent. Please help!



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Yep, you get to straighten them.

Surgical tweezers are awesome. 

I'm getting older, so I have a set of 2x cheaters I wear instead of a magnifying glass.


You can do it. They don't look too bad. Just do the ones that look to be of most concern like the ones at the bottom left. (2nd pic)


Take a deep breath, calm the nerves and operate doctor! 


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I'd suggest selling it for parts.

You have no less than four problem spots I can see with two being broken pins, one bent over backwards and the fourth is an easy fix.


Starting at the left is a pin bent backwards, fixable provided the pin doesn't break while getting it bent back over.

Top right and right pins circled look to be broken off completely.

The bottom left pin is the easy fix, a simple "Nudge" with something like a needle, toothpick or something with a really thin tip is all that's needed to fix that.


That's what I saw in the pic and I'd have to say with the two broken pins it's time to sell it for parts and replace. If they're not broken off there is a chance it could be saved. If you decide to sell, go ahead and use it as practice for future repairs to learn how to do this.
You've really nothing to lose at this point anyway.


Bent pins.jpg

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