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Noussayr Derbel

Linking a private cloud server with LDAP

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I'm asking if there's a possibility to link a cloud server with LDAP using and opensource cloud platform. the authentication to the cloud platform should be using the credentials of the LDAP, if we add a new user on the LDAP, the user should be created to the cloud platform. 

" the cloud platform should synchronize files and can be accessed remotly " 

thank you !

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Short answer is probably... but it depends on what you mean by "Private Cloud Server". Is this something you are implementing, or are you looking for a pre-built solution? Are you looking at services hosted in a data center talking to an on-prem user directory? Are you looking for something deployed entirely to someone else's data center? Will the services be exposed to the Internet? Have you selected to software to use on either end (ie. do you know which LDAP server you will be linking to)?


LDAP is a pretty commonly used for providing user directories, so if a solution is going to support any directory services, LDAP will be top of the list. Most of the online directory services (Like OneLogin, Okta, etc.) provide some level of integration with legacy applications through LDAP. Under the hood Microsoft Active Directory is a relatively standard LDAP directory... heck, even most office multi-function printers support LDAP address book lookup.


That said, you may find that the LDAP support is not baked in. I use NextCloud at home and had to add additional plugins to support LDAP directory Sync (From AD) and SAML SSO (From ADFS).

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