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PC loses video signal - psu, gpu malfunction?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Greetings! ?

I have this old 2013 "Revolt" ibuypower i-series 504 desktop computer that randomly with no apparent reason whatsoever goes nuts and loses video signal, it can take 30 minutes, one hour, sometimes 2 hours or just 5 minutes and then poof, bye bye video signal, screen goes black and different monitors say "there's no signal srry m8" jk 

I've tried with 3 different monitors, cables and connectors (DVI-D, VGA, HDMI) and nope, nothing, removed the HD7700 radeon card and it's been working for more than 5 hours with no problems so it's the HD 7770 huh? well maybe, because the PSU is just a tiny, skinny 17a on 12v and it says total output shouldn't exceed 250w lmao sure maybe this potato doesn't need moar power but damn this thing is so small and thin, anyway i put in back the HD 7700 and the computer looks good so far no video signal lost yet so im totally lost here, maybe it was some driver malfunction or windows power settings (sleep, hybernation, idk) btw this my friends potato not mine, the "display signal issue" happened very quickly there at my friend house so ... maybe his cables or room electric wiring, sockets, nobreak voltage regulator are defective??



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