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Where can i get information about the demographics of a user entering my website instantly

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Hi! I’m currently working on a simple code that changes the way a website looks based on the age, sex, preferences.  (i know this is not the best forum to put this but there are very nice people in here i trust)

so, for example if you are 65 years old, text will become bigger, different products will be showed to you and the color style will change. by now it’s just a simple experiment i am doing with our current client database but i want to scale it.


so for example if i publish the website and a new user comes in, i know i can read all the cookies id´s but then i don’t know how, or even if its possible to check on google analytics databases for a match of the cookie id or other services databases to get some information about the user.


any ideas or clever way to achieve this?


thanks in advance for the answers

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If you find google analytics too difficult you'll probably need to use a paid service that will basically do google analytics for you. I can't really see another way of achieving this. It's not easy to get that level of information & it's not  what I recommend to do either. IMO users should be able to opt in or use a login system.

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Gathering such data is pretty much what GDPR and other privacy laws are about. So you will first need visitors permission before you even can use/gather any personal data.


Only way to do this would be to have prompt when entering the site and making style changes according to answers.

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