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Sound Lower 100% but only 50% green bar Mixer

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have G430 and updated LGS software. I knoticed alot when I listen to youtube music. My volume is at 100% with the mixer open to watch the green level bars. They only go up about 50%, I thought i fixed it by going into the sound settings and changing Quality to FM Quality (green bars went to 100% and music was louder), noticed that my LGS wasn't working (sliders). I did the sound troubleshooter and it got LGS working again (green bars were still at 100%). Until the next video then everything was back to 50% green bars and quieter. What is going on?

100% FM.PNG

after trouble shooter.PNG


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Volume set lower than max on the youtube player?

Also the green bar is the actua sound level. If the content you're watching was recorded at less than max level/not conformed then it won't reach the top.

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Try check your comm settings? ?


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do the videos and music get loud enough for you? if yes, there's no real problem here.
if no: is the volume slider on youtube maxed? also you lowered the potential quality of your listening experience by setting it to 16 bit 32 khz. I'm running 24 bit 48 khz and it's fine to me. 


and just because I was curious, I put on a song in my media player and on youtube music to compare levels and my downloaded file (bought off amazon) was much louder and 100%'d my volume "green bar" while the Youtube version only went to 50-60%. I think it's just YouTube my man. 

New favorite song, sit back and enjoy.

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