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Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL - unconventional fan config

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all!

So I'm finishing up a build in a Dynamic XL and need advice on a "strange" fan config I was planning.

I'm going aircooling with a Noctua d15s and the following casefans:

3 fans bottom intake

3 fans side exhaust

3 fans top intake


So I know most people would say exhaust should be top of the case but I'm curious if there would be any issues with this setup?

I'm not a "fan" (pun intended sorry...) of having the middle fans as intakes. Isn't the distance between the middle fan mount and the back of the case to large to be sure that the airflow will be directed through to fanfilter there? Or am I overthinking this?

I'm aiming for possitive air preassure in the case to reduce dust buildup.



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You can test and see how it goes.


The things to consider:

  • Where does air move in the case?
  • Which way CPU cooler will intake and exhaust its air? Using D15S in default config moves air towards rear of the case. Does it fit on your mobo in a way that fan would be moving air down towards GPU? Or just make fan move air towards side exhausts?
  • What GPU/GPU cooling is there? What direction it needs air to come from and leave to?

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I think your setup should work, consider setting the fans on your D15s to flow from the back to the front (reverse of normal)


I have the regular 011 Dynamic and got the best results as follows

Bottom - empty (intake fans here increased GPU temps by a few degrees, I think it made more turbulence than actual flow to the GPU)

Side - exhaust

Top back 1 x 140mm fan intake

Top front 2 x 120 fans exhaust

Rear 1 x 80 mm fan intake

AMD wraith prism cooler




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14 hours ago, qvowie said:

3 fans bottom intake

3 fans side exhaust

3 fans top intake



I have this case and that is how I have mine set up and it works just fine, although I'm watercooling with an AIO 360mm on the side behind the exhaust fans.

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