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Cooler master evo 212.

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Got a cooler master 212 hyper X. Just wondered how to add an rgb fan to it. Was going to add an rgb fan that connects to a fan controller along with my other rgb case fans. Do i need a bracket or something as the original just clipped off. Thanks in advance. 

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if the clips that attatch it to the heatsink are removable, i don't see why you couldn't use a different fan as long as the screw placement isn't weird.

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The hyper 212 uses plastic clips sized for standard 120mm fans. Any 120mm case fan works on the mount.

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I changed the fans on my old 212, just unclip the fan from the heatsink, unscrew the brackets from the fan and move it to the new one.

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As mentioned, the cooler uses brackets that can be screwed onto a case fan with standard 120mm mounts. There should be an additional set of brackets included with the accessories. 

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