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Phanteks P400A RGB question

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Posted · Original PosterOP



I am new to RGB and all this stuff is really confusing. My motherboard is an MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX 

I am planning to buy a Phanteks P400A, the exact model no is PH-EC400ATG_DWT01. The case has 3 included RGB 120mm fans and an rgb controller.

I want to add 3 more fans in the back/top and I am looking for ways to which I can connect them all together. I cannot find any info about the rgb controller from the P400A and if it allows more fans to be connected to it.

Does anyone with the P400A can tell me more about the fans, their connectors, if they are addresable and if the rgb controller has any more room for additional fans?


I was planning to buy 3x Corsair MF121L RGB and some RGB controller (i have no idea what) to control all 6 fans.

An alternative was to buy a Lian Li Bora Digital kit that comes with a RGB controller for 6 fans but this one I see has 4pin connectors and I don't know if the case fans are compatible.


Any recommendations ? I don't care about syncing to MSI mystic stuff, I just want all 6 fans to be conected toghether so they all have the same color at all times.


Thanks in advance, this RGB stuff is really something...

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Corsair uses proprietary rgb connectors and you are therefore (as far as I know) not able to connect them to different rgb hubs and I don't think corsair has a hub for their fans and different standart rgb connected fans. I think you are best of with the lian li kit or all corsair fans.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Damn this RGB nonsense :) 

They all have proprietary connectors.

I think I will go ahead and buy some Phanteks Halo and use them with my fans as I already have some white ones on my current case.

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13 minutes ago, zeoos said:

And if I was to buy the Lian Li kit, do you think I could connect the case fans to it?

I'm pretty sure it's only corsair using proprietary connectors, so you should be fine with the lian li  kit, altho the phantek fans might not be addressable, can't find confirming information on that

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Any advice? Please, i need to buy my parts this week.

I am now set on the following:


Phanteks NEON combo kit and M5 (so 3 strips)

A motherboard with 5V ARGB header

3x Fans with their own controller and either a  Lian Li BORA Digital RGB or a Thermaltake Pure 12 TT Premium


My question is. How do I connect them all, do I need to buy my new motherboard with 1 or 2 5V ARGB headers?


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Using one right now.  There's not really a hub you can access easily, it's integrated into the front panel button thing at the top front of the case.  The cables are also massively confusing, cos they chain to each other from fan to fan, but not like a splitter where 3 fans connect to individual cables.  This goes from fan to fan and it doesn't make sense at all.


So what I did is move the 3 included fans to the back and top (it doesn't come with an exhaust fan), then put my CM ML360R with 3x SF120R at the front for intake.  The 3 Phanteks fans are connected to the mobo individually, but my AIO is connected together via a splitter.  I've got a splitter for the Phanteks fans to reduce the mess but haven't got time to do it yet.


So the RGB controller in the case that is connected to the RGB button is unused.  I just control it with the motherboard software.  In fact, I just set it to turn off at boot.  Case is under my table and the window is facing the wall, wouldn't be able to see the RGB anyway.


PS:  My mobo has a lot of ARGB headers, and fan headers.  All of the Phanteks fans work with Cooler Master fans and splitters, as they all use the standard headers, except Corsair IIRC.


When there is no danger of failure there is no pleasure in success.

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