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corona virus


Due to the nature of this topic, please keep cool heads and conversation On Topic.

Intentional Derailing, Political Rhetoric, or Arguing will result in removal of comments/replies and warnings issued.


The "No politics" rule will be enforced even harder. This will be last warning you get. If someone posts any political rhetoric (about parties, ideology, policy etc.), you will receive PM from moderator telling to step off the thread. As forum does not have functionality to do it better ways. If you continue to post ANYTHING after receiving PM, you will get warnings for not following staff instructions.

Posting news about what governments in your parts of world do in order to act on this crisis is fine, but will be looked case-by-case. (Updated 03/19/2020)


Remember the core values of this forum;

  • Ensure a friendly atmosphere to our visitors and forum members.
  • Encourage the freedom of expression and exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner.
  • "Don't be a dick" - Wil Wheaton.
  • "Be excellent to each other" - Bill and Ted.
  • Remember your audience; both present and future.


Message added by SansVarnic

ATTENTION: there is a covid 19 F@H event happening, you can find it HERE.


this is a good opportunity to help with research!

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5 minutes ago, Delicious Cake said:

The Earth is probably just tired with our shit and wants us all to just fuck off already. It probably also sees it as doing a lot of us a favour, given how many of our own species seem hell-bent on trying to wipe ourselves as a whole out one way or another.

Seeing dolphins return to some Italy ports made me teary eyed a little bit not gonna lie.

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On 1/26/2020 at 8:24 PM, scuff gang said:

I'm wondering if this is just someone seeking fame or if the infection number is actually that high, we all know how much china lives to cover things up.





if the above "90,000" infected holds true i wonder the actual death count,

a tech forum is diffidently the place to ask about coronavirus


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Posted · Original PosterOP
15 minutes ago, LamoidZombieDog said:

a tech forum is diffidently the place to ask about coronavirus


It was more of a discussion, no need to post if your just gonna call me out 🤷‍♂️

-it’s scuff Gang btw, I hated the name and needed a change
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* thread locked *


Apparently the HUGE message at the top of the thread saying "no politics" is still not read...


Warnings incoming.

If you need help with your forum account, please use the Forum Support form !


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-= Topic Message has been updated. =-

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, wkdpaul said:

* thread locked *


Apparently the HUGE message at the top of the thread saying "no politics" is still not read...


Warnings incoming.

Apparently, there are people who have very selective reading skills and/or don't care what happens. Warnings are indeed lined up.


This thread will stay locked.

Edited by LogicalDrm

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