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Which gaming monitor is better?

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I agree with @Flying Sausages (Great name btw). LG and Samsung are leaders in screens. I have an LG ultra wide, not a high end one, but I find that the On screen controls and settings to be easy to use. I can easily switch between the screens two HDMI ports. Over all its a good screen. I dont know what pannel maker Alienware(DELL) goes thru, but honestly Id just go with LG, just because I have had luck with them. 


On a side note. Some games might not support 21:9, so you will have black bars. BUT I find 21:9 to be great for productivity. You can fit two web browser screens side by side and surt the internet nicely. 

You ever notice that many establishments have a sign that as "No Shirt, No Shoes, No service"? They never say anything about pants............ You know what that implies. You dont have to wear pants. 

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CPU: 6700K Case: Corsair Air 740 CPU Cooler: H110i GTX Storage: 2x250gb SSD 960gb SSD PSU: Corsair 1200watt GPU: EVGA 1080ti FTW3 RAM: 16gb DDR4 

Other Stuffs: Red sleeved cables, White LED lighting 2 noctua fans on cpu cooler and Be Quiet PWM fans on case.

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