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Not Wills

dacs differences

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Differences you can find in description of every product.


Sound Blaster X gives you more possibilities - like virtual sound, better amplifier, very low noise level.

Other cards are basic cards, not so worth to spend money imo.


If you want to have better sound, you must look at personal preferences, low noise level (high dynamic), good stereo separation (you can only read it in comments) and input/output card has (optical, rca, jack etc). Much less important is sampling rate or bitrate. For some people good built-in amplifier is nice feature too.

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5 minutes ago, Not Wills said:

but all of the say 7.1 surround sound though.

Yes, because it's possible even on integrated card. But in first case you'll probably get nice soft that makes it better and works only with this card.

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The Sound Blaster Audiology will probably be able to push more powerful headphones the G6 has the best signal to noise ratio and is one of the newer models from soundblaster and then the g7 and Dynamodes are kinda the bare minimum usable product. the Audiology is just an older product that is still being made but really the G6 is the best option of the ones you posted.  

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