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Anders Allentoft

Best value for 4K HDR

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys im new here :)


I simply just cant understand this!


my home setup is LG C9 55” and a pc (i7 4790 Gpu 1030 “gddr5” when i turn on HDR in Windows 10 my GPU is at 50% load just by moving the mouse and then comes a YouTube video it goes to 100% and lags really bad.... so, what gpu is the best value for this? And why is it that the TV’s own hardware have the power to do i EASY?? What im i missing? Thanks 


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Welcome to the forum!

Interesting, I thought it would would be the 4k that would be the cause of such a high GPU load.

Alright now for the important stuff: First what do you plan to do with it? Game, or just watch videos? If you intend to game, you will struggle hitting 60 fps with even the RTX 2080 ti. If you intend to watch videos, then I recommend aiming for used cards such as a 1060 or RX580 should suffice although you could probably get away with a 1050 or RX570.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have 2 gaming pc in the addic with a 1060 6gb and a 1070.... but why is it that the TV Can do it? I dont think there is a 1060 or more powerfull gpu it that?

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