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Synchronous Scrolling over different programs

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone!

I'm curious about improving my efficiency whilst surfing the web or running multiple programs. I would like to be able to scroll up and down multiple windows at the same time. Preferably i would like to have this function programmed into my mouse with a click on/off and to affect all current windows opened. Is this possible to write a program to do this? Would it also be able to program in that you can select which programs are affected by this program/function. I have zero experience with programming but wondered if this already existed.


Thanks everyone!

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Pretty sure you can. It involves focusing each window and then issuing a scroll up key event. 

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You can if all those window support the same implementation of scrolling or if they support it at all. so there is 3 groups

#1 those that support current standard scrolling : Those apps can be sent mouse scroll events but only of the application allows sending key event through the window pointer.


#2 Those that support the old standard : These works as previous except their scrolling handle works with fix amount displacement which is not controllable like it is now. Like you cannot say each scroll goes down 3 lines or 6 lines. You might know this as scroll speed.


#3 The apps that existed when scroll wheel did not even exist. Majority of these softwares have been developed before 1995. Chance you have one is fairly low unless you are in a business. These have had hacks done as they nearly all support key inputs sent to their window which you can check your global mouse scroll wheel and each scroll down ticks you can send X amount of down arrow key to those windows and it works

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