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Galaxy Tab A S-Pen

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So I recently bought a Galaxy Tab A 10.5 2018 (SM-T597P) and want to get an S-Pen for it. The problem is I can't find anywhere saying what s-pens it is compatible with. I would prefer to get a samsung stylus if that is possible as opposed to an off-brand one.

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Because an S-Pen is not compatible with this Tablet, as it does NOT has a "Digitizer".


You can use a cheap capazitive Pen, which will only "simulate" your Finger.


Or maybe third Party active styluses who use batteries + Bluetooth, and pray the Lag won't be too much.

If you want "real" S Pen support, and the S Pen experience, you would've need to buy a Tab S3 (not recommended. Old, no more updates, expensive), Tab S4 or Tab S6.

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The cheapest Galaxy tablet that has stylus support is the Tab A 8" 2019 that comes with S Pen


Model number SM-P200 and SM-P205



This what it looks like as an Amazon listing (notice the S pen and model number in the title. This is VERY important)




And before you ask, you cannot buy any regular Tab A and add an S pen separately.

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