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Air cooler versus aio

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys,


First, I want to apologize if this kind of thread is already existing, I just really want to have a more specialized opinion from you guys with my current setup. 

Question: What will be the best type of cooling for me?


My build

Mother board: Asus ROG B450 E

GPU: Asus ROG Strix 1660 TI OC

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

CPU Cooler: The one comes up with the CPU, i think its called wraith stealth? Correct me if I'm wrong.

RAM: Dual 8 GB 3200 Corsair

PSU: EVGA supernova gold+ 650
HDD: 2TB seagate baracuda

SSD: Patriot burst 240 GB
CASE: Fractal design meshify C white edition


Looking forward for your response and all is appreciated. 


If possilbe, i would like an air cooling that is white hehe and want to apologize for my bad English. Thanks again!

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IMO water cooling is necessary when you're either running extreme overclock on high end CPU, or you have super high end CPU such as Ryzen 9 3950x. Even then there are air coolers capable of taming those beasts.


For your CPU, this is a great cooler. And its white.


Main system: i7 8700k 5Ghz / Asus Prime Z370-A / Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 3000Mhz / Gigabyte RTX2080 Aorus Extreme / EVGA 750W GQ / Fractal Design Meshify C

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I'd use the stock air cooler.

Reviews say ryzen 3000 series don't have much overclocking headroom to begin with.

If you really want something white, go with PopsicleHustlers recommendation.

Share any interests with me? Feel free to message me just to chit chat about whatever. 

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A brand new AIO with some kickass high end fans is awesome. But its not so awesome over time. Performance degrades, and you lose that edge. Then you start to see higher temps at X clock, and you just deal with it. But then it gets worse, and you have no choice but to lower voltage, but that means lowering clocks. Boooo. Performance with a high-end air cooler doesn't degrade. Its just big and bulky, and depending on the brand, there are concessions to be made. Big air is not for everyone, especially in this day and age. But its pretty effective. Especially if you employ brute force tactics.

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Where are you shopping / located? Budget?

What kind of features are you looking for in a cooler?

If you ever need help with a build, read the following before posting: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/3061-build-plan-thread-recommendations-please-read-before-posting/
Also, make sure to quote a post or tag a member when replying or else they won't get a notification that you replied to them.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi Everyone,


Thanks everyone for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it!


I have now my new CPU fan cooler. Bought the Arctic freezer as suggested by @PopsicleHustler. Thank to you brother! 

Again, Thanks everyone!

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